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Employment Law in Washington D.C.

Whether you are involved in a contract dispute, have suffered discrimination, or harassment in Washington D.C., it is recommended to employ the services of a reliable law firm specialized in employment law.  A law firm with sound advocacy, experience, and record of results can help you receive fair compensation for… Read More >>

Business Immigration & Visas

Our Washington, D.C. based law firm works with businesses throughout the United States to help them secure the talent and skilled labor that they need. There are many immigration visa options for businesses to explore when looking to recruit abroad and each has very specific criteria that must be met.… Read More >>

At Will Employment in Washington DC

One of the most heated debates in the United States is the various issues that are related to labor laws. One one hand, there is the company’s objective to remain in business and achieve its mandate more so with the pressure of the shareholders. On the other hand, there are… Read More >>

Business disputes are not uncommon in business environments.

Business Litigation Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia Business disputes are not uncommon in business environments. These include ethical issues related to finance and investment, disputes over intellectual property right, breach of fiduciary duty, conflict in employer-employee relation, and disputes related to insurance. In some cases, it is not possible… Read More >>

Tread Carefully with Director Conflicts

Corporate directors have a fiduciary duty to exercise their directorial powers in the best interests of the corporation rather than in pursuit of their own advantage. However, business deals are rarely a zero sum game. Situations frequently arise where a corporation’s decision to do business with a director in his… Read More >>

Special Issues When Taking on a Foreign Partner

Business has become increasingly cosmopolitan as the world seems to get smaller and smaller. Even small companies now often transcend national borders and draw both customers and investors from across the globe. Taking on foreign investors can often provide small and medium companies with a whole new world of opportunities… Read More >>

Stakeholder Rights During a Freeze Out

Unfortunately, the exuberance and camaraderie that usually comes with the formation of a new business venture does not always last. Relationships between the owners may sour over time or the ownership composition of the company may change entirely. Either situation can ultimately pit owner against owner and even lead to… Read More >>

What Employers Should Know About E-Verify

Hiring from the legal immigrant community allows employers access to an expanded pool of talent and can be a great boon to any business. However, it is not without risk. Employers bear the burden of ensuring that anyone they hire is legally authorized to work in the United States and… Read More >>

The Role of Internal Investigations in Corporate Governance

In order to function, corporations must be able to govern and oversee themselves. Unfortunately, when the issue under review is the board of directors’ or other high-ranking managers’ conduct, self-governance can become more challenging. Without taking proper steps to ensure the integrity of such an investigation, it can often appear… Read More >>
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